Benefits to Grinding Your Own Coffee Beans

If you’re like 83% of adult Americans then coffee is a routine part of your life, chances are the first thing you think of when waking up in the morning is your first cup of Joe. Nothing is better than waking up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing with the caffeine hit to wake you up from your slumber.

Instant or fresh brewed?

Whether you use instant coffee or brew your own there are so many different ways to create the perfect cup and different methods suit different people and their unique circumstances. In this article we’ll be touching on some of the benefits of brewing your own coffee. Perhaps we can convince you to make the switch!

Is grinding your own coffee beans worth the trouble?

One of the biggest misconceptions with brewing your own coffee is that it take too much time or isn’t worth the effort, that couldn’t be further from the truth. With a standard handheld grinder it takes less than a minute to grind up enough beans for your cup.

The job will be completed before the water has even finished boiling. Plus if you purchase a mechanical grinder, you don’t even need to do anything! If you have a few minutes to spare, it’s very easy to incorporate this into your regular morning routine and before you know it you’ll be grinding coffee beans with your eyes closed.

What are the benefits?

The first benefit of grinding your own coffee beans is the smell, nothing gets you out of bed quicker than the smell of freshly ground coffee. When you grind your own coffee beans the aroma is even more apparent as the natural oils are released from the beans during the grinding process.

Not only the smell but the taste is better, coffee quickly loses much of its natural aroma after being ground once the beans have reacted with the oxygen in the air. While instant coffee manufacturers make sure their products are adequately sealed and stored much flavour and taste is still lost by the time it reaches your cupboards.

Is there a downside to grinding your own beans?

The only downside of grinding your own coffee beans is the noise it creates, if you’d like to make this part of your morning routine but there are people sleeping in other rooms you may wake with the noise you have a problem.

A great way to combat this is grinding your beans the night before, not the best solution as beans tastes best infused within minutes of grinding for maximum flavour but still better than the pre-ground stuff which has been sitting in a jar for weeks.

Just make you store your pre-ground coffee a dry airtight place. Otherwise use a small hand coffee grinder which will make less noise than an electronic one.

In conclusion, we don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t grind your own coffee at home since we’ve already established it takes no time at all. Not to mention the obvious – it tastes and smells better.

The only reasonable downside is the noise grinding can produce and the initial investment to buy your first coffee grinder.

If you enjoy your morning coffee just as it is, then grinding your own beans isn’t necessary. But  if you want to step it up a notch and get the most out of your daily brew, then it just might be worth the investment.

Bottoms up!

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