Simple Bedtime Rituals That Can Help You Sleep Better

Simple Bedtime Rituals That Can Help You Sleep Better

Any parent knows that raising children requires their attention and energy throughout the day, especially if they’re younger children. Due to this fact, and especially if they’re homeschooling due to COVID-19—there’s not a lot of time for parents to rest during the day. This means getting a good night’s sleep is essential for a parent, although that’s easier said than done. These simple bedtime rituals that can help you sleep better will ensure you can tackle each day with the energy and focus it requires.


Meditation is a popular practice, but may people still roll their eyes at the concept.  Admittedly if you live a very hectic lifestyle, then your mind might need some time to adjust to meditating. However, if you consistently meditate each night, it can help you relax before bedtime. Many people take the stress they endure during the day into the bedroom, causing them to think about it and stress even further when they’re trying to sleep.

By regularly using tools such as meditation apps, you can put your mind at ease when bedtime comes around.

Reading a Book

If you have a list of books you’ve been wanting to read but haven’t had the time to, bedtime is the perfect time to do it. To be clear, we mean a physical book, not a tablet or other digital means of reading. Reading from a phone, tablet, or computer can hinder your ability to fall asleep, which obviously defeats the whole purpose of this bedtime ritual. However, focusing on a good book will help you ease into dreamland better than watching TV or scrolling through Twitter will.

Taking a Warm Bath

If achy muscles play a role in your sleep problems, then taking a warm bath is going to be the perfect bedtime ritual for you. Soaking in the warm water won’t just soothe those sore muscles; it will also put your mind at ease. Taking a warm bath gives you the chance to disconnect from technology and alleviate the day’s stress before bed. If you prefer showers, that works, too, but we recommend trying a warm bath first.

Drinking Herbal Tea

Brewing a warm cup of herbal tea is one of the most rewarding ways to end the day. That said, “herbal” is the key word here. If you drink a caffeine-filled yerba mate before hopping into bed, getting to sleep is going to be much tougher. However, a variety of delicious, aromatic loose-leaf herbal teas—such as chamomile or tulsi—make perfect sleep aids. These names might be foreign to you now, but once you indulge in your first cup, they’re sure to be on your mind each and every day.

Experimenting with these simple bedtime rituals that can help you sleep better will ensure you get the rest you need and deserve each night. Some methods will work better for different people, so don’t feel disillusioned if meditation or herbal tea just isn’t your thing. Once you find the right ritual for you, carrying out your daily routine will be much easier than before.

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