Sleep On The Softest Sheets – Bamboo Sheets Buying Guide

Bamboo sheets are known as being some of the softest sheets on the market today.  To help you become a bit more familiar with these remarkable bed linens, below we have reviewed several of the most popular and best-selling bamboo sheets currently available. We’ve also    highlighted some of the pros and cons associated with each sheet set.

We have also put together a Bamboo Sheets Buying Guide, in which we will first briefly define the term Bamboo Sheets,” followed by a section on What To Look For when buying your next quality bamboo beddings.

Quick Answer: What Are The Best Bamboo Sheets in 2018-2019?

To learn more about what to look for in your bamboo sheets, and learn why we recommend the three sheets listed above, read on!

MALOUF 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set

Incredibly soft and silky, the MALOUF 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set is one of the most comfortable sets of sheets you will ever own.  In addition to offering supreme comfort, the sheets are hypoallergenic, making them perfect for those with allergies and breathing difficulties; and they are naturally resistant to odors.  The smooth, silky-like fabric is ideal for those with sensitive skin; and the breathable fabric makes for a luxurious and cool night’s sleep.

The MALOUF 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set features a fully elasticized fitted sheet with deep pockets, which guarantees a secure fit on mattresses measuring 6 to 22 inches in thickness.  The fitted sheet is easy to put on, will not slip off, and ensures a crisp clean feel every night.


  • 100 percent Rayon.  The sheet set from MALOUF is 100 percent Rayon, which means it is not blended with any cheaper material like cotton or polyester.
  • Breathable.  The breathable fabric used to make the MALOUF 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set makes for a cool night’s sleep that has to be experienced to truly appreciate.
  • Great for sensitive skin.  Those with sensitive skin will love the silken feel of the MALOUF 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set.


  • Only good for mattresses up to 22 inches.  Those with VERY high profile beds may not be able to utilize the fitted sheet within the MALOUF 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set.


Brielle 100-Percent Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set

The Brielle 100-Percent Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set is made entirely of bamboo-derived fabric, making it both soft and ultra plush.  Elegantly soft to the touch with a smooth, glossy finish, these bamboo sheets are also very strong and durable and are guaranteed to last.

Brielle Bamboo sheets are also remarkably breathable, which means those who sleep hot will remain cool and cold sleepers will stay warm and comfortable. Best of all, the sheets are very eco-friendly, derived from bamboo that is grown without pesticides or fertilizers.  The sheets are made using a 300 Thread count sateen weave; and the set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases.

The fitted sheet in the Brielle 100-Percent Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set can fit mattresses up to 17 inches in thickness, and the pillowcases utilize a French closure to ensure they continuously cover the pillow throughout the night.


  • Chemical Free.  The Brielle 100-Percent Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set is made from bamboo derived fabric using no pesticides or harmful chemicals.
    Soft.  This incredibly soft sheet set will have you wondering how you ever survived with cotton sheets.
    French closure.  The French closure pillow cases within the Brielle 100-Percent Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set is a very nice and elegant touch.


  • Shallower fitted sheet.  The rather shallow fitted sheet in the Brielle 100-Percent Rayon Bamboo Sheet Set can have a tendency to come off the mattress and bunch up during the night.

Royal Tradition 100% Viscose from Bamboo Silky Sheet Set

Soft to the touch with a smooth silky feel, the Royal Tradition 100% Viscose from Bamboo Silky Sheet Set is in a class all by itself.  The unique, 100 percent viscose/Rayon fabric utilizes the bamboo’s unique thermal regulating quality to produce a sheet that allows sleepers to stay warm in the winter and cool in the hotter summer months.

The sheets are machine-washable (delicate cycle) and can be tumble dried using the low heat setting.  The Royal Tradition 100% Viscose from Bamboo Silky Sheet Set contains a fitted sheet that can easily accommodate mattresses up to 18 inches in thickness; a flat sheet and two large pillowcases that can cover the largest king-size pillows.


  • Hypoallergenic.  The Royal Tradition 100% Viscose from Bamboo Silky Sheet Set is perfect for those with skin allergies and breathing difficulties.
  • Machine-Washable.  The sheets in this set are very easy to care for using your household appliances.
  • Thermal-regulating.  The Royal Tradition 100% Viscose from Bamboo Silky Sheet Set is perfect for both cold winter and hot summer nights.


  • Only 300 thread count.  The sheet set is made with a 300 sateen thread count rather than the more luxurious 500 thread count.


Bamboo Sheets Buying Guide

bamboo trees used for making sheets

If you’re in the market for a set of bamboo sheets, there are a few things you should know and some factors to consider before you buy.

What Exactly Are Bamboo Sheets?

When you hear the words bamboo and sheets in the same sentence it may sound confusing.  After all, who wants to cover themselves with “actual” bamboo plants?  That certainly would not be comfortable.  You’ll happy to know, however, that the bamboo plant is merely the starting material for the “viscose” process – a process that can actually be performed with any type of plant.

This is the same process that is used to make Rayon, which is why you will often see bamboo bed sheets labeled as “Viscose” and sometimes as “Rayon.” These are actually the exact same thing. The 100% Bamboo tag gets applied when the sheet manufacturer does not blend the viscose bamboo with any other fabrics (such as cotton) when the sheets are actually being created.

To conduct the viscose/rayon process that ultimately creates bamboo sheets, the bamboo plants are dissolved in a chemical-free viscose liquid that is forced through tiny openings to create the threads. The threads are then woven together into the sheets.  The end result is an unbelievably soft material that also produces a sensation of coolness as you sleep.

Things to Consider When Buying Bamboo Sheets

Here are just a few things you should consider when you set out to buy your next set of bamboo sheets:

Thread Count

Although the quality of bamboo sheets can be expressed in thread count, it is not comparable to the thread counts you will see with cotton sheets.  The two main thread counts available for bamboo sheets is 320 and 500, and while one might assume that the higher thread count sheets are softer, often the exact opposite is true.  That being said, with a 500 thread count sheet you can usually expect a greater degree of durability.

When all is said and done, however, the thread count on a set of bamboo sheets is NOT the main thing you should look for.  Much more important than thread count is the quality of the manufacturer and the certification that the manufacturer is using 100 percent bamboo derived viscose (and not a blend of bamboo and cotton or polyester).

100 Percent Bamboo vs. Blends

As we mentioned, for the softest sheets imaginable you will definitely want to go with a 100 percent bamboo derived viscose/Rayon sheet.  However, in order to enjoy this maximum softness and comfort you will usually have to spend as much as three times more when compared to the price of a bamboo blend sheet – a sheet blended with bamboo derived fabrics and cotton or polyester.  Blended bamboo sheets are still softer than most cotton sheets, but they simply cannot compare to the feel of 100 percent bamboo. Therefore, if price is not an issue, definitely go with the 100 percent bamboo derived fabric.


Like with any type of sheets, bamboo sheets come in a variety of sizes and are designed to fit different bed sizes – beds of different lengths and widths.  These sizes include Twin, Full, Queen and King, in addition to a few specialized sizes.  Before buying a set of bamboo sheets, make sure you know exactly what size mattress you own and then buy accordingly based on the length and width of that mattress.

Size is not limited to just length and width, however.  You will also have to measure the thickness of your mattress to ensure the fitted bamboo sheet will be large enough to completely cover it.  For instance, if your mattress is 12 inches thick, you will need a fitted bamboo sheet whose “pocket” size is at least 12 inches or more for the perfect fit.


Like cotton sheets, bamboo sheets come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.  However, not all colors are available in every style and size of bamboo sheet.  Hence, if you are a stickler about matching your sheets to your bedroom décor you may have to shop around a little to get exactly what you want.

Chemical and Toxin Free

Finally, when shopping for bamboo sheets you will ALWAYS want to make sure that they are certified to be chemical free.  In a home environment, having bamboo sheets that are completely free of toxins will offer you the security and peace of mind of a safe night’s sleep and the benefit of knowing that the plant on which you sleep was grown without the use of pesticides and other related products.

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