10 Amazingly Easy Stir Fry Recipes

With never-ending to-do lists, it seems harder and harder to find time for cooking healthy meals. The beauty of stir fry dishes is that they’re easy and quick to make and require affordable and staple ingredients that you probably always have in your kitchen. Plus, a wholesome stir fry can replace your lunch or dinner … Read more

Your Guide To Feeding Your Dog with Kidney Disease

Having a dog with kidney disease is a double responsibility as you should follow certain diet rules to help your dog stay healthy. While there are many specific food items available in the vet stores, treating your little friend to a homemade treat is always a good idea. Depending on the stage or severity of … Read more

How to Dry Habanero Peppers without a Dehydrator

Habanero peppers may be a little too hot to eat when whole and fresh, but when dried they are an excellent addition to a wide variety of recipes, adding some much needed spice and flavor. But how exactly do you dry habanero peppers, especially if you do not currently own a dehydrator? While it’s true … Read more