Cook More In Your Air Fryer: Air Fryer Accessories

You can’t have escaped the ongoing craze for air fryers. If by chance you have, they are basically wonder appliances that can make you feel less guilty about eating chips, and other favorite fried foods.

But did you know you can do so much more in your air fryer beyond just frying food? A quick search online will result in endless air fryer recipes, enabling you to cook a versatile range of foods. Some of them require a few air fryer accessories, and although you might have some already in your kitchen, the sizes might not always be suitable to fit inside your appliance.

Air Fryer Accessories Quick Glance

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Air Fryer Accessory Sets

If you want to buy a variety of accessories to go with your air fryer your best option is to go with a set. These are often much better value than buying items individually. There are plenty to choose from and it really comes down to what you will use. You will find that most include the following;

Pizza Pan

Pizzas taste amazing in an air fryer and they are really quick and easy to make. This tin makes cooking them even more simple, just lay out your dough on the pan and layer on your favorite toppings!

Baking Cake Tin

We were beyond excited when we discovered that our air fryer could bake cakes! You may well have a suitable container that will fit in your air fryer tray (make sure it is oven safe), but if you don’t they are included in most air fryer accesories packs.

Metal Rack With Skewers

Meat, vegetable or fruit skewers (kebabs) all work really well in an air fryer. Although you can get away with not using the metal rack we find it so much easier for allowing the ingredients to cook evenly.

Silicone Mat

When we first got our air fryer we was constantly grabbing chopping boards to lay the air fryer basket out on – until we got a silicone mat. Now it just sits next to the air fryer ready for us to pop the basket on when we are checking on ingredients during cooking as well as when we are dishing up at the end.

Trivet/Metal Shelf

Air Fryer ShelfIf you find your air fryer doesn’t have quite enough room for you fit everything in a metal shelf or trivet helps to expand your cooking capacity. They are also very useful for seperating out foods that you don’t want touching each other during the cooking process. If you like making hard boiled eggs in your air fryer you’ll find a shelf or trivet handy for balancing them on too!

Cookbook – any set that includes a recipe book is usually in ebook form, that is, you don’t receive a book in your hands. From what we’ve seen the cookbooks included in these sets aren’t really that extensive. They are great for getting you started, but if you want a more detailed air fryer recipe book with more variety and instruction you are better off buying this seperately.

There are many different air fryer accessory sets to choose from. Our favorite that we feel offers the most value for money is this one;

Air Fryer Accessories for Gowise Phillips and Cozyna, Deluxe Set of 6, Fit all 3.7QT
  • 100 percent COMPATIBLE WITH PHILIPS AIR FRYER AND MORE This universal Air Fryer Accessory set fits all standard Air Fryers 3.7qt. Each accessory pairs especially well with all Cozyna, Philips, Gowise and Power Air Fryers.
  • 6 PIECE AIR FRYER ACCESSORY KIT. This Cozyna Air Fryer Accessory Kit includes 1 Mini Cake silicone pan, 1 Cake Barrel, 1 Pizza Pan, 1 Metal Holder, 1 Multi Purpose Rack with Skewers and 1 Silicone Mat
  • EXPAND YOUR COOKING REPERTOIRE If you love your Air Fryer now, imagine what culinary masterpieces you can make with this 5 piece accessory pack Bake your favorite cake in the Cake Barrel, cook delicious pizza in the Pizza Pan, maximize your cooking surface with the Metal Holder and make skewers with the Multi Purpose Rack And on top of that, protect your household surfaces with the Silicone Mat
  • 100 percent SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Purchase with confidence today with our 60 day money back guarantee
  • DISHWASHER SAFE Each airfryer accessory is dishwasher safe for a quick, easy and hassle free clean up.

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Air Fryer Cookbook

There are so many to choose from! Some are much better than others. Some are very basic and don’t really offer much more than what you likely already know. If you are looking for specific recipes to suit you it’s always a good idea to have a flick through the first few pages to not only see the list of recipes they included, but also read a recipe to check they will suit your needs. Luckily Amazon have a handy ‘Look Inside’ feature for many of their books providing you with the opportunity to see before you buy.

Silicone Oven Gloves

Investing in a pair of silicone oven gloves can be a game changer in the kitchen. Although regular oven gloves made from a cotton material are sufficient, there will be times when you need the extra protection that silicone provides. Silicone enables you to handle hotter temperatures safe in the knowledge that you won’t start to feel the heat coming through the material.

These silicone oven gloves are perfect for air fryer cooking, they are long enough to protect wrists and they come in a wide range of colors to coordinate with any kitchen theme!

HOMWE Extra Long Professional Silicone Oven Mitt, Oven Mitts with Quilted Liner, Heat Resistant Pot Holders, Flexible Oven Gloves, Red, 1 Pair, 14.7 Inch
  • Heat-Resistant – Offering protection up to 450°F, our oven gloves with quilted lining offer improved comfort while cooking. They will also spare tender forearms from burns that can occur when your outdoor grill experiences a flare-up. They will not catch fire or melt when used near a flame.
  • Extra Long – At 14.7” inches long, our oven mitts better protect fingers, hands and wrists from burns. The longer wrist protection keeps you protected from fingertip to past your wrist. This lets you grip pots, pans and cookware safely without slips or spills.
  • Steam Resistant and Waterproof – Unlike fabric oven mitts, our silicone oven mitts won’t absorb liquids. The silicone part of the glove is entirely waterproof. They also helps protect hands while holding hot plates and dishware, working over the grill or reaching into ovens. You can also use it as a pot holder to grab a hot pot.
  • Textured, Non-Slip Grip – These silicone oven mitts are flexible, breathable and provide an improved control and stability thanks to a non-skid, textured palm. The soft polyester-cotton lining also adds an extra protection & comfort layer.
  • Easy to Clean and Machine Washable – Crafted with BPA-free silicone, our silicone gloves are stain resistant and easily cleanable, with just some warm water & a little soap. They won’t tear, thin or fray.

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Cooking Tongs

As many air fryer recipes require that you flip or turn over an ingredient mid way through cooking a pair of cooking tongs come in really handy to do this both hygenically and safely. You can also use them to hold bits of meat that you might be dipping into bread crumbs when making some recipes such as chicken nuggets and fishcakes.

We like the verstility of this set;

Hot Target Set of 3: 7, 9, 12 inches, Heavy Duty, Non-Stick, Stainless Steel Silicone BBQ and Kitchen Tongs. Heat resistant up to 600°F (Multicolor)
  • Hot Target Set of 3: 7, 9, 12 inches, Heavy Duty, Non-Stick, Stainless Steel Silicone BBQ and Kitchen Tongs. Heat resistant up to 600°F

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Meat Thermometer

Are you guilty of literally carving up your meat to check if it’s cooked through? It’s easy to worry that you are going to serve up undercooked, pink meat. The best solution to this is to use a meat thermometer to check your meat is at the correct and safe temperature. Simply insert the thin prong into your meat when you think it’s just about ready and the thermometer will give you an instant reading to let you know.

Our current favorite is this one from ThermoPro;

ThermoPro TP03 Digital Meat Thermometer for Cooking Kitchen Food Candy Instant Read Thermometer with Backlight and Magnet for Oil Deep Fry BBQ Grill Smoker Thermometer
  • Super-fast: Instant reading thermometer with backlight features 3.9 inches food grade stainless steel probe gets temp readout within 3-5 seconds with high precision sensor
  • Accurate readout: Cooking thermometer with temp range of -58 ~ 572 degree Fahrenheit (-50 ~ 300 degree Celsius); accurate to ±0.9 degree Fahrenheit; Perfect for indoor outdoor cooking, grilling, BBQ and so on
  • Easy to use: Kitchen thermometer with foldable probe design folds away easily and locks into base for portability; Magnetic back and hook allows for convenient storage
  • Smart design: Digital meat thermometer will auto shut off if readout stays on for 10 minutes; Powered by AAA battery; batteries included
  • Backlight display: Grilling thermometer features backlight LCD display to let you see clearly while cooking in the evening, indoors or outdoors

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