10 Easy Peasy Sewing Projects for Beginners

After I wrote my review of the best sewing machine for making clothes, I thought I could share some easy projects here on the blog that I found on Pinterest. The best part is that most of them are no-sew!

Full disclosure: not all of these projects are exactly no-sew, but they are very minimal sewing! You may have to sew a zipper here or a tack there, nothing too difficult. If you don’t have a sewing machine, the projects are easy enough to sew by hand, that is if there is any sewing at all.

These are all good first time projects and projects to do with children. Get confident at DIY with these mostly, no-sew tutorials!

1. Pillow cases for your bed pillows and couch cushions by Rachel Elizabeth Creates

2. Trendy high waisted bikini for summer, you can make yourself by Larch & Loon

3. Multipurpose pouch crafted from a sock made by Caroline from Parent Club . Now the lonely sock that lost its pair has a purpose!

4. DIY hand warmers, a convenient item to keep in your glove or pocket on a cold day, by Waverly Inspirations.

5. T-shirt skirt with minimal sewing by Jamie Sanders. Using t-shirt fabric eliminates the need to sew the hem.

6. Boy’s bowtie tutorial, make bowties of any size and color with this tutorial.

7. No sew sleeveless coat, an elegant addition to your wardrobe you can make in minutes.

8. Half circle skirt pattern by It’s Always Autumn ,all you need to do is measure your waist and measure how long you want the skirt. Skirt looks professional, but suitable for beginner skills.

9. Easy tote bag by Crazy Little Projects. Every beginner must makes at least one tote bag. 😉 They’re useful for shopping and practical gifts.

10. Trendy bell sleeve blouse by On The Cutting Floor.The finished product may look intimidating for a beginner, but it is really simple to make. You’ll feel so accomplished after completing this project.

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