Stress-Free Tips for Planning Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Stress-Free Tips for Planning Your Thanksgiving Dinner

November is here, which means that it’s time to plan for Thanksgiving. Don’t wait until five days before to plan. Since the coronavirus has put a damper on a lot of gatherings this year, we recommend getting a jump on your holiday planning (even if who’s around the table looks a little different).

Embrace the season, and follow tips for planning your Thanksgiving dinner that will put you in a no-stress position come the last Thursday of the month. We’ve outlined some don’t-miss tips below—add them to your to-do list!

Keep in mind that these are what we consider the essentials pre-Thanksgiving. There are plenty of other items you can add to this list—you just have to decide what works for you!

Two Weeks Out

Decide on the Final Menu

Two weeks out—maybe even three—decide on your final menu. Make a list of what you’ll serve for appetizers, dinner, sides, and desserts. Then list out the ingredients you’ll need to make them successfully. The sooner you plan and organize, the less stressed you’ll be in a week and a half.

Don’t Forget Drink Planning

While you’re planning the final menu, make sure to think about the drinks. You’ll need nonalcoholic options for those who want them and wine for those who like to pair. We suggest getting a nice sparkling wine, in addition to other bottles—and one that’s not Champagne. You’ll find bubbles pair well for these dinner needs.

Order Your Turkey and Non-Perishables Now

With all this online ordering due to COVID-19, you’re going to want to order things in advance. That means that two weeks out, you need to order your turkey (put it straight in the freezer) and all the other non-perishables you can. That’s where that list of ingredients comes in handy!

One Week Out

Think About Setup

There are a few other things you can add to this list, but we highly recommend planning your setup now. Will you need to find more chairs? Do you need to get a new tablecloth and runner? Do you have enough plates, or did the kids crack one last year? Plan your setup now.

Three Days Out

Clean Your Space

Get the whole family involved on this one—it’s time to clean! Spring cleaning isn’t the only time you can really sanitize your space. Before you make a ton of food and shift your space around, ensure that everything is nice and clean. It will make for less cleanup once the day is over.

Shop for the Rest

All the rest of the things on the list you made? Go and get them now (or order them for delivery). You want everything fresh, but you also don’t want to deal with the hassle of going to the store the day before. If you’re worried about freshness, look up some hacks on how to keep your food fresh, or head to your own garden!

One Day Out

Set the Table

It’ll make your life much easier if you set the table now, rather than when you’re trying to make sure the turkey doesn’t dry out. And remember, you should already have everything you need!

Prep What You Can

Whether it’s baking pies, cutting veggies, or assembling casseroles that you can pop in the oven come morning—do it now! Prepping the day before is one of the most important tips for planning your Thanksgiving dinner. Good luck!

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