Your Guide To Feeding Your Dog with Kidney Disease

Having a dog with kidney disease is a double responsibility as you should follow certain diet rules to help your dog stay healthy.

While there are many specific food items available in the vet stores, treating your little friend to a homemade treat is always a good idea.

Depending on the stage or severity of kidney disease in your dog, your vet might recommend you to feed your dog homemade treats. For an early stage of kidney disease, a special prescription kidney diet plan might be too restricted and trigger muscle loss and protein malnutrition.

But when the disease progresses, a lot of dietary modifications will be required to help your dog to live a longer with the easier symptoms of the disease. Read on to find out how to feed your dog that’s suffering from kidney disease.

What are the safe foods for dogs with kidney disease?

That’s the first question that usually pops up in mind when your dog is diagnosed with kidney disease. Thanks to a great variety of dog food brands, it’s not that difficult to find a safe food for your pet.

Those food brands are mostly available by a vet’s prescription and are formulated specifically for dogs with either kidney disease or kidney failure.

While these food brands are safe and useful, you might also to feed your canine friend with delicious homemade meals. Whether you opt for store-bought food or homemade treats, you should remember one important thing – your dog needs the highest quality foods possible.

The diet should be rich in vitamins and minerals, but low in protein.

The thing is the major job of the kidney is to help the body to fight and eliminate harmful toxins. Once the protein breaks down, there should be no excess of it. It’s also vital to monitor the phosphorus levels in your dog’s body.

The increased level of this mineral can cause a condition called hyperphosphatemia. This is an electrolyte disturbance that’s characterized by abnormally increased levels of a chemical compound called phosphate in the blood of dogs.

Dry or moist?

The well-balanced diet helps to ward off these problems, yet you might encounter another problem – which food to choose – dry or moist? The balance is key here. The combination of special dry and canned foods for dogs with kidney disease will help your pup stay active and face fewer symptoms related to their illness.

Feeding your dog moist food at least once per day is essential as kidneys need water. Moist food helps to keep your dog hydrated, aiding the kidneys to eliminate waste from the blood system through urine. When your dog has kidney disease, its body has trouble removing harmful toxins from the system.

As a result, the body starts requiring more moisture in order to flush out phosphorous, creatinine, nitrogen, and other wastes from the system. Avoid giving your dog garlic and onion and foods that are high in sodium.

There’s a big misconception that dogs with kidney disease can’t eat homemade meals and treats. Although your dog needs a special dry and canned dog foods formulated for kidney disease, you can also incorporate homemade meals into a daily diet.

Just make sure you consult a vet first since each dog has different stages of kidney disease.

Safe Homemade Treats for dogs With Kidney Disease

Despite all the general recommendations, before you give your dog any of these homemade treatments, it’s crucial to consult a vet. Your dog might have certain intolerance or allergies to certain ingredients. If not, your pup will thank you for the following treats we found online;

Sweet Potato Dog Treats by Lola The Pitty

Rich in vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids, these sweet potato dog treats might be an excellent choice for your dog.

Sweet potatoes help to promote the digestive health of dogs as they’re rich in dietary fiber and low in fat, protein, and sodium.

Moreover, sweet potatoes are an excellent source of manganese, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. Quick and easy to make, sweet potato dog treats are versatile and can meet your pup’s dietary needs. You can make them in bulk and store in the fridge for 10 days.

Simple DIY Jerky for Dogs by Dalmatian DIY

If you have a food dehydrator, you can make this yummy jerky for your pup.

Choose the high quality meat and avoid chicken as there are many complaints about it. Meat is a vital part of each dog’s diet. One of the best ways to include meat in your dog’s diet is making jerky at home. It’s easy to make even in your regular oven and contains no preservatives, salts, or other mystery ingredients.

There are several ways to make jerky to suit your dog’s diet requirements. Be sure you purchase the high quality meat.

Easy Dog Biscuit Recipe by The Jersey Momma

Again, there are several ways to make these dog biscuits, and what’s most important is that you choose ingredients that are safe and healthy for dogs with kidney disease.

Unlike commercial dog biscuits, the homemade ones don’t contain unhealthy ingredients and fillings. You can also swap the ingredients that your dog doesn’t like or is allergic to. There are many recipes of easy dog biscuits on Pinterest, so choose the one you think your dog would like and start making it right away. I love that this one from Jersey Momma only used two ingredients. How easy is that!

Simple and Quick Homemade Dog Food for Kidney Disease by Top Dog Tips

When you want to feed your canine friend a real food, take your time to prepare this fast and simple homemade meal. It contains healthy ingredients like pumpkin, sweet potato, and green beans and make a nutrient-dense dinner for your dog with kidney disease.

Being an owner of a dog with kidney disease or failure doesn’t have to be complicated but you should always pay attention to the food you put into your pup’s body. Ensure your dog eats regularly and watch its reaction to each food item you feed it.

Since dogs with kidney disease tend to have a reduced appetite, sometimes you’ll want to trick them into eating their meal. Remember, before you feed your dog with any new commercial or homemade food, talk to your pet’s vet first.

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