How to Aerate Your Lawn Yourself

If you are a new homeowner, then you might have heard your neighbors talking about getting their lawn aerated. This may be the first time that you’ve heard the term, which sounds really confusing if you’ve never heard of it before. The truth is that it is not as complex as it might seem at first, and if you’re interested in having the best looking lawn as possible, then it is definitely something that you want to familiarize yourself with.

What Aeration is and Why it is Good for Your Lawn

Aeration consists of loosening dirt surrounding the roots of yard grass to enable air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots more effectively.

Who Does the Aeration and How is it Done?

Aeration can either be done by a provider of yard services or by a property owner like you. The roots of grass are loosened from surrounding dirt in such a way that the loosened roots can have better access to air, water, and nutrients. Prior to aeration, the subject yard should be mowed and the resulting clippings raked away to permit proper access of the Aeration equipment to the grass and roots. A recently seeded yard should not be aerated for at least one year after the seeding to permit the roots of the seedlings to become established. Aeration is initially “hard” on yards. The procedure involves providing air, water, and nutrients to the grass either by using a spike – method to gain access to roots or by digging small cores of dirt out of the yard to loosen the roots.

How You Can Make Aerating Your Own Yard Yourself Work for You

By undertaking your own Aeration duties, you are better able to keep up with the condition of your grass. A yard needs to be aerated when it is heavily used by construction equipment or otherwise heavily traveled, or when water and moisture are found to pool at various locations.

Aeration is found to be most effective during peak growing seasons of the grass in the yard.

The aeration process is also necessary if the soil in the yard is clay rather than looser dirt. The density of the clay binds the roots and needs to be loosened for proper growth.

Effects of Proper Aeration

Proper aeration permits areas which have been covered with pools of water or moisture to have a chance to dry out. Nutrients are allowed to reach roots, thus improving the overall appearance and texture of the grass.

Taking Advantage of Knowing How to Aerate Your Lawn Yourself Enables You To Control and Supervise the Aeration Process and Affordably Provide the Ideal Lawn Care that You Want Your Yard to Have

Managing your own Aeration schedule for your yard allows you to avoid costly service calls from lawn care providers. Aerating your yard yourself allows you to rent any necessary equipment and use your own labor. It allows you to be certain that your lawn is treated the way you want it treated. Aeration can be a rugged, invasive procedure for a lawn. When you manage your own Aeration procedures, you can control the treatment your yard receives.

Knowing How to Aerate Your Lawn Yourself is Important to Being in the Position of Caring for Your Yard on Your Own Terms and Within Your Own Budget

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