Brother LB6800PRW VS SE400: Am I Seeing Double?

There is a lot of confusion around two Brother embroidery and sewing combo machines: the LB6800PRW and the SE400. We have heard from many people who are wondering what the difference is between these machines. At a glance, they appear to be similar. Often salespeople will tell you that they are far different or that … Read more

Best Sewing Gadgets: My Top Picks! (2020)

There’s always a lot of talk about the best gadgets coming out. Often, these gadgets are high end electronics that can cost into the hundreds. But what about sewing gadgets? A lot of people look to sewing machines or embroidery machines when considering sewing gadgets. But let’s look at the definition of gadget: “a small … Read more

Best Sewing Books For Beginners

Learning to sew can be daunting at first. Dressmaking for beginners books can be a helpful resource that will guide any beginner through the ins and outs. Even confident seamstress return time and and time again to the information printed on these pages. We can help you with your search for the best sewing book … Read more