Who’s Walking Who? Best No Pull Dog Harness Reviews

Being taken for a walk by your dog can be a real drag. Not to mention embarrassing, and potentially dangerous. If this if you, it might be time for a no pull dog harness. We review the best on the market right now, as well as guide you through the features of each harness.

No Pull Dog Harness Buying Guide


The size and build of your dog will very much determine the size harness you need. Before purchasing anything you will need to measure your dog, usually the girth of your dog, that is, the area around his chest, behind his front legs. Harnesses usually come in XS, S, M, L and XL, with size ranges often overlapping. If possible, try to choose a harness that is adjustable so that you can put it on when it is looser, and then tighten it up when it is on your dog. A well fitting harness should allow you to fit 2 fingers between the material and your dog at any point.


Make sure it is made from a material that can be washed, the more durable the better. To ensure your dog is as comfortable as possible, try to get a harness made from a soft feel material, a fleece covering is ideal. Some harnesses will have reflective parts to the material which make them ideal for dusk and night time walks.


If you have a dog that doesn’t like having things put over their head, you might need to consider a harness that has multiple fastening points. Positively training your dog to enjoy wearing their harness is vital ensure they have no issues when you want to put it on and take it off.

Leash Attachment Points

Having a clip on both the chest and the back for the leash to attach to is best for dogs that pull on walks. You will need a double ended leash to use with it. By attaching the lead to both the chest and the back of your dog you can have far more control and prevent your dog from pulling so much.

Dog Harness Reviews

Rabbitgoo Front Range No-Pull Pet Harness

This wins our top choice for no pull dog harnesses. Affordably priced, comfortable and packed with features;

Main Features

  • Choice of 5 sizes
  • Leash attachments on chest and back
  • Adjustable side straps
  • Reflective straps
  • Padded material for maximum comfort

This harness comes in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large so is suitable for all sizes of dogs. The adjustable straps on the sides will enable you to custom fit the harness according to the shape of your dog. The reflective thread that is woven into the straps mean extra visibility for your four legged friend as you go out on walks at dusk and in the evening. The breathable material will also provide maximum protection and comfort for your dog as they run, jump and leap.

But what really makes this our top rated harness are the fasteners located on both the chest area as well as the back. These are particularly useful when you have a dog that wants to reach it’s destination way before you! You will need to use a double ended leash to use them effectively. The harness can also be used with just a normal leash, with it attached to just one part of the harness.

If your dog gets nervous when you try to put something over their head, this harness will be ideal. The fasteners allow you to put it on without the need to go over the head.

Kurgo Tru-Fit No Pull Dog Harness

The Kurgo Tru-Fit comes a close second to the Rabbitgoo, with it providing some similar positive features.

Main Features

  • Choice of 5 sizes
  • Leash attachments on chest and back
  • 5 adjustment points
  • Dog seat belt included
  • Machine washable
  • Lifetime warranty against product defects

This harness is another product that ticks all the boxes when it comes to walking a dog without them pulling. The addition of a seatbelt for use in the car is a welcome bonus, providing some extra safety when you are driving.

What would make this harness perfect? Some reflective threading or material. Other than that, it’s a great no pull harness suitable for use with all strengths of dogs.

Big Dog Soft Reflective No Pull Harness

As the name suggests this no pull harness is made specifically for larger dogs. It is a great budget buy that has been positively praised by many large dog owners.

Main Features

  • Choice of 3 sizes, 7 colors.
  • Padded handle on top
  • Reflective strapping
  • Heavy metal D ring for leash attachment
  • Fast drying, comfortable material

The padded handle on the top of this harness is really useful for quickly grabbing hold of if you need to in a hurry. It gives you an extra element of control when your dog is by your side and might be suddenly tempted to lunge or chase after something.

The harness only has one attachment for the leash, and that is on the back. The harness is easy to put on with easy snap clasps on the side. The material is both durable and breathable with reflective strapping for enhanced visibility.

A great choice of no pull harness for a large dog.

Why Should You Use A Dog Harness?

Using a harness on a dog when out exercising is preferable to attaching the leash to a collar around the neck. Not only can a harness, in particular a no pull harness, make it easier to control your dog, they are also much more comfortable for them to wear.

The neck is a sensitive area and too much pulling by the dog can create tension and also injury. A harness, in particular one with multiple attachment points, will help to spread the strain across your dog’s back and shoulders.

A no pull harness shouldn’t be seen as a magic pill to having a perfectly behaved dog on the leash, but more of a training aid to assist you. You will still need to leash train your dog and be prepared to practise patience during this time. Positive reward based training is the answer to teaching your four legged friend to walk calmly beside you.

Always carry your pet’s favorite treats with you and constantly reward them when they are walking as you wish them to. If after basic training you are still struggling with leash control it might be time to ask for professional help from a local trainer who can come out with you to assist. This is especially important if you own a strong and powerful dog.

The correct harness should enable you to also take the pressure off your arms and shoulders. If you already struggle with arm or shoulder pain you might want to consider investing in a hands free dog leash.

Getting Your Dog Used To A Harness

The ideal time to introduce a harness to your dog is when they are really young. Make putting the harness on and off part of your regular training. Even if you have an older dog that is not used to wearing a harness you can still train them to enjoy it

  1. Start by leaving the harness out for them to come and sniff and investigate. (Please note, if you have a chewer, or a young puppy, you might want to make sure they don’t start crunching down on the often plastic fasteners.)
  2. Once they seem confident around it, slowly place it on them. Get them to sit and wait, have some treats handy too, and gently put it on them. If need be, reward them each step of the way with a treat or some positive praise. Make sure it is tightened correctly, remember you need to be able to fit 2 fingers between the harness and your dog at all points.
  3. If they are happily wearing the harness you can leave them in it for a short period of time so they can get used to the feel of it on them.
  4. Practise walking around the backyard, or house, with the leash. Make sure they are securely in the harness and have no way of escaping (best to find out in your contained area than out and about!)
  5. When you are both happy, it’s time to go out and hit the streets. Start with short walks and outings until you are confident that you have total control over your dog, then start increasing the lengths of your walks.
  6. Regularly check the harness for weak points and fraying.


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