15 Tips for Healthy and Happy Hair

Just as we discussed in our article on the best hair dryer for fine hair, it is important to look after our locks and prevent damage when we can. Pretty much everyone owns a hair dryer, curler, flat iron or heated styler of some kind. Whether your hair is long or short, thick or fine, curly or straight – most of us want the opposite of what we’ve got!

Using heated appliances on our hair frequently can quickly take it’s toll. Consider the following tips to get the best out of your hair stylers and your hair.

  1. Use a deep conditioner once a week. This can either be a homemade one, or one of the many products available at your local salon or online. When conditioning make sure you follow the instructions and pay careful attention to the ends as these will be where your hair is at it’s driest and potentially damaged.
  2. Apply coconut oil to the ends of your hair. If you want something super simple you can just use coconut oil – just add a little to dry hair and rub in.
  3. Use the right styler for your hair type. This is so important and often overlooked. If you have finer hair it is recommended to find a hair dryer or flat iron that has adjustable heat settings. Start off with the lowest setting and see how it works on your hair. Gradually increase the temperature until you are getting the desired results. Equally, if you have thick hair, choosing flat irons that are wider than normal will mean you can straighten your hair in a shorter time thus exposing your locks to less heat.
  4. Have some heat free days. If you are a frequent heat styler try and have a few days a week where you go natural and don’t use heat on your hair.
  5. Use the right shampoo and conditioner. You might feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of shampoo and conditioners for sale. Don’t be too swayed by marketing jargon – choose a shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for your hair type. There are products specifically for dry hair, colored/treated hair, fine hair and more.
  6. Check the label. Be careful what you are putting in your hair. Many commercial products contain chemicals which will create a build up in your hair. If you can, use a natural shampoo that is gentle on your hair. Try to avoid synthetic detergents on your hair where you can.
  7. Get frequent cuts. Be a regular at the hair salon. Even if you are growing your hair longer, a regular trim will help keep your hair healthy and dry ends to a minimum. It also gives you an opportunity to get your hair dresser to check your hair is healthy.
  8. Eat well for healthy hair. Just as it is important for the rest of your body to receive the right vitamins and nutrients, the same is true for your hair health. Include foods with a high vitamin A and beta-carotene content such as dark leafy greens as well as yellow and orange fruits and vegetables. Sweet potato is a great option, as are carrots, for high beta-carotene. Vitamin A and beta-carotene helps to keep the scalp healthy as well as rebuild tissue.
  9. Take a vitamin B complex supplement. Vitamin B also helps to keep your scalp healthy and your hair strong. If you are not getting enough from your natural diet (vitamin B is found in dark leafy greens, whole grains, nuts, seafood and soy foods), consider taking a supplement.
  10. Get a scalp massage. Ever wondered why your hair dresser always massages your scalp when you are getting your  hair washed at the salon? Yes it is relaxing and makes you feel good, but it also helps to stimulate the blood circulation to the scalp and encourage hair growth. The good news is, you can do this yourself every time you wash your hair!
  11. Use essential oils. Essential oils work well for making your own hair care treatments. They are also great for shaking a few drops on to your hair brush before brushing. Choose your favorite oil – it will make your hair smell lovely as well as improve your mood.
  12. Exercise more. We all know the importance of exercise – but did you know it can help with hair health? In the same way that a scalp massage will improve blood circulation, so will half an hour of aerobic exercise.
  13. Watch the water temperature. When you are washing your hair make sure the water temperature isn’t too hot as this can burn your hair and cause damage. It is recommended to rinse out conditioner with cold water to smooth hair and reduce frizz.
  14. Keep your hairbrush clean. We’re so busy keeping our hair clean we can sometimes forget about our hairbrush. You use your hairbrush (or comb) every day, it won’t be long before residue from your hair and products will start to build up. If you don’t keep your brush clean this residue will keep going back in your hair. Soak your brushes once a week in a bowl of warm soapy water (remember to remove any excess hair first). If some of the residue is proving hard to remove, get a small scrubbing brush (or old toothbrush) and give it a good thorough clean.
  15. Drink lots of water. Make sure you are drinking an adequate amount of fresh water every day. This will ensure any toxins are flushed through your body and aid in healthier and faster hair growth. Your hair will also be smoother and stronger.

By following these tips for healthier and happier hair you will soon have strong and smooth locks to be proud of!


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