10 Ways to Use Your Dremel

What is a Dremel Used For?🤔

A Dremel is a very handy tool to have around the house, especially if you equip the tool with a lot of accessories. If you have recently purchased—or plan to purchase a Dremel tool for a singular, particular purpose, you may be surprised to learn that these handy tools actually have quite a few functions. To illustrate this, below we will list 10 great things to do with a Dremel—tasks you might not have thought possible before reading this list.

We have also highlighted some of the best and most popular Dremel accessories on the market today, and explained how you can use these accessories for different tasks around the house.

The very convenient Dremel rotary tool can be used to accomplish a lot of tasks in and around your home.  To show you what we mean, below we have very briefly listed 10 things to do with a Dremel tool.


We will begin with the Dremel’s most popular purpose:  cutting.  For years, this popular tool has been helping craftsmen make small cuts in things like wood, metal, plastic and other materials.  Its fast rotating action makes it perfect for this job, and there are many accessories you can purchase to assist with this cutting, such as a “cut-off wheel bit” or a Dremel straight cutting bit.  When the job is too small for a reciprocating saw or other cutting device, just turn to your handy Dremel rotary tool.


When doing carvings or crafting small wooden projects, there will most assuredly come a time when there are some abnormalities in your original design.  However, when this happens to you, fear not; the Dremel tool can come to your rescue.  Using any number of cutting or sanding accessories, carvers and woodworkers can shape their creations perfectly thanks to this small and delicate tool.


When you need to grind down small pieces of metal, especially those pieces that sit in hard-to-reach corners, nothing is better than a Dremel tool with a grinding bit. When using the Dremel grinding tool to shave down metal, it is recommended that you do so at a low speed—at least at first.  At high speeds, the motor on your Dremel can become overheated and may even shut off to protect itself.  

Standard-sized grinders can be used to perform large metal grinding projects, such as those in which Auto Body specialists engage.  However, when metal needs to be grinded down or shaved in a tight corner, the Dremel + Grinding Tool is definitely the tool to reach for.

Sharpening Knives and Tools

Believe it or not, the same grinder attachment that can be used to shave down metal in tight places can also be used to sharpen up the knives and tools in your household.  Knives become ultra-sharp with a beautifully honed edge after they are sharpened by a Dremel tool.  So, too, do the tools in your garage, such as axes, scissors, utility knives, and shears.  Users should always use protective gear when using their Dremel tool as a sharpening device, including gloves and eye protection.  The metal can get very hot during this process and metal shavings can come off at a high rate of speed.


Woodworkers love their Dremel rotary tool when working on smaller projects, especially when it comes time to sand.  As you will see in the following section, entitled “Best Dremel Accessories,” there are many different kinds of sanding attachments that can be added to the Dremel tool.  Ranging from sanding pads to sanding rollers, these accessories allow the Dremel tool to sand in tight corners of projects, to smooth off edges, and to sand wood that is too delicate for a standard sander.

Buffing and Polishing

As you will also see in the next section, one of the great set of accessories for the Dremel rotary tool is the polishing set.  These buffing and polishing tools snap on easy to the end of the Dremel and can be used to polish silverware or shine up the tough to reach places on metal projects.

Filling Pocket Holes

In order to ensure that the screws and other types of fasteners do not show on wood projects, many woodworkers use a convenient pocket hole jig to make pocket holes that hide these screws.  However, when the job is over, these pocket holes have to be filled.  Doing this by hand can be a long and arduous process, especially on a large project.  However, with the handy Dremel tool, this job is made much faster and easier.  Be sure to go online and search “How to Use My Dremel Tool to Fill Pocket Holes,” and you’ll find several helpful tutorials.


If you are one of the thousands of people who are into the fine art of Calligraphy, you can now ply your skills on any number of wood mediums.  With the Dremel Stylo Tool you can carefully and intricately create any type of writing.  You can make wooden welcome signs, such as those that hang from people’s porches, or merely sign your name on a finished wood project.  The possibilities are endless.

Pet Grooming

If you have no time or money for the expensive groomer, and you’ve noticed that the claws/toenails on Fido’s or Garfield’s feet have become too long, the Dremel tool can come to your rescue.  The Dremel is a safe and effective tool for shaving down long claws on your pets, and you’ll be surprised by how fast and easy the process is.

trimming pet paws

Drive in Screws

Last but not least, you can also turn the Dremel’s handy screwdriver adaptor to transform your rotary tool into a screwdriver.  This is a great tool for driving in screws in hard to reach places, and in most cases, it works as good or better than a standard drill or impact wrench. 

Best Dremel Accessories

One of the great things about owning a Dremel tool kit is all the accessories these kits can accommodate.  Collectively, the following accessories will allow you to perform any number of unique functions, many of which we have explained above in the previous section.  So without further ado, here is our list of the best Dremel accessories on the market today.

Wheel Bit

The wheel bit is a very handy Dremel accessory.  It can be used for a lot of different functions, but it is most useful as a cutting tool.  Whether you are performing some very intricate metal work or you need to shave off wooden or plastic edges on a project, the wheel bit cannot be beat. 

Wheel bits can be used for cutting into sections of drywall when you need to apply a patch of some kind, and they are very useful when in engaging in very detailed work where a larger cutting tool would be inappropriate.

Carving and Engraving Bits

The carving and engraving bits that work with a Dremel rotary tool kit simply cannot be beat when working on small projects.  Wood carving bits are great for doing crafts and other fun projects; and the metal engraving bits can help personalize any metal sign.  You can even use these bits to engrave your initials your metal tools, which comes in very handy when you are sharing a project space with other people.

Sanding Pads and Sanding Rolls

When working on smaller and more detailed wooden projects, the Dremel tool can be your best friend, especially when you add to that tool a sanding pad or sanding roll.  Dremel sanding pads are great for sanding small flat areas of wood, while the sanding rolls can be used to smooth over wooden and even metal edges on a project.  There are even crevice sanding pads that allow you to reach into very tight and difficult to reach corners, areas where a traditional sanding tool cannot get to.  Without such a tool, sanding those areas would have to be done by hand, which is why these sanding bits are such popular and time-saving accessories.

Grout Removal Bits

The grout removal bits that are designed to pair with a Dremel rotary tool can save you oodles of time when removing grout from small patches of tile. These bits allow you to get into these very tight areas where a traditional sander will not reach to remove or even-out grout when doing a patch job in your kitchen or bathroom.

Grinding Bits

Do you have some household knives and/or tools that need honing?  If so, the grinding tools that are designed to attach to the end of the Dremel rotary tool are perfect for that job.  Just hold the grinder bit along the edge you want to sharpen, turn on the tool and work your way down from one end to the other.  Grinding bits are also ideal for shaving off sharp metal edges on metal enclosures, cars or furniture, ensuring nobody will get cut by those sharp edges.

Polishing Bits

You have no doubt seen buffers used by employees at a car wash or mechanic’s shop.  Well, a polishing bit is just a smaller version of that.  These cloth-like bits attach to the end of the Dremel tool and can be used to polish tough-to-reach places on cars, to shine up metal projects and pieces around your home, including your good silverware, and they can even be used to remove wax in areas where a normal-size buffer cannot access.

Coping Bits

Last but not least, a multi-purpose coping bit can be used as an alternative to a coping saw, especially when working in corners and hard-to-reach places.  Coping bits can also be used for a variety of other cutting tasks, but they are most useful with coping and smaller wood projects.

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